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My name is Bill Villanueva and I want to make this site an information bonanza for you – giving you the opportunity to download my 181-page book Revelation Unraveled for free, or if you prefer a soft-cover book, a link is provided to Amazon.com for purchase. Either way, I appreciate your interest and pursuit of the knowledge you will need to deal with and ultimately survive what I believe the Bible says will be very tumultuous times ahead.

Are you satisfied with what YOU know the Bible says about the future of this world? Do you know what the Old Testaments prophets say is due to happen before Jesus Christ comes back to earth?

These specific truths and how to deal with these realities are covered in my book, Revelation Unraveled, and it could possibly make all the difference as to how you will spend eternity. The record of what is coming is covered in clear and explicit detail from the Bible. Why not read for yourself the truths from Scripture that could change your life and give you answers?


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